Why Jekyll?

Plain text into websites

For several years, I listened my geek contacts on social networks talking about this fantomatic Jekyll. A new way to publish your blog, especially if you use GitHub.

Fast, fast, fast

Jekyll normally requires some technical knowledge to use it and not has a graphic interface. Far away from WordPress, Drupal and company. If you want your blog as fast as possible, if you want make dev experiments and learning a lot, if you want focus on content, once is configured in the right way, Jekyll is a rock. Literally, minimum maintenance, huge performance and right focus on content.

Write, commit and push

Jekyll is build on Ruby and can easily interact with your GitHub account. Just write, push and publish. You can write in markdown syntax from your favourite editor and commit your post with git. But, you have also many options to do it.

So forget the elephant (who talk about WordPress?) and start a new way of blogging.

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