Where to find AMD APP SDK 3.0 for Linux?

The AMD APP SDK is provided to the developer community to accelerate the programming in a heterogeneous environment. The package consists of samples that serve as examples for a wide class of developers on different facets of heterogeneous programming. In the past, the AMD APP SDK package contained the runtime for CPU hardware only and the GPU runtime was also included in the Catalyst driver.


Something is changed in the AMD APP SDK 3.0 for Linux

As I’ve been informed, the concerned team has decided to drop the support for APP SDK and hence, any related package on developer central might not be accessible anymore.


With AMDGPU-Pro and ROCm drivers, you don’t need a separate SDK because required libraries are shipped with the driver itself. And the headers to compile can be found with the package manager. For example on Debian based (like Ubuntu) distro:

$ sudo apt install opencl-headers



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