Time for changes

New home. Still under development

For several years, I wrote some blogs in italian(my native language). Now, I decided to embrace a new challenge: to write in English. I decided to write in English because it’s the language of technology, of future and, maybe, of the Europe. Also I’m really not fully comfortable with it, so writing English could help me to improve it. And, it’s a challenge, it’s a motivation.

Find and check some errors

Jekyll, GitHub, English and, last but not least, the opensource world of Linux(in many flavors, like Ubuntu and Android) are all good things. The best aspect is that these things are motivations to learn, to try, to share. For me, it’s completely a new kind of world. Coming from a Apple background, where all is a pay thing, this seems to me a wide revolution.

Learn and share is the key

Like a dream, I feel like when I was young and I wrote some basic code on a Commodore Vic-20. I never though I could try again certain emotions. Now I can turn caffeine and pizza(and sometimes beer) into something that many times works. It’s not software, but it’s a nice step for me. And every day I learn more and more and more.

So, just one thing:
thanks opensource, thanks Linux!

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