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Enable desktop icons on Fedora 25

Trouble enabling Fedora 25 desktop icons Fedora 25 delivers a host of new features, including the long-awaited official debut of the Wayland display server. Replacing the legacy X11 system, Wayland has been under development for several years and seeks to provide a smoother, richer experience for graphical environments and better capabilities for modern graphics hardware.…

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Flat buttons for Tear theme

Slowly, but another buttons I have added some new flat buttons to Tear Theme. All the work about the buttons was made using Inkscape{:target="_blank"}. I thought that GIMP{:target="_blank"} did it in the same way, but Unity DE use SVG{:target="_blank"} vector graphics for the buttons… so, Inkscape is the right choice. Tear Theme is still under…

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New icons for Tear theme

Slowly, but another icons I have added some new icons to Tear Theme. It’s a theme to customize the aspect of Linux distributions which use Unity (so it’s Ubuntu!) or Gnome (many others) desktop environment. All the work is made using Inkscape{:target="_blank"}, an incredible free and opensource program to design. Inkscape is a professional vector…

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