Sololearn. The perfect platform to boost your technical skills

Sololearn is an online and mobile learning platform that offers free coding classes, a code playground, a community, and looks like a perfect platform to boost your technical skills as a developer. Sololearn has lessons for many programming languages and frameworks; the users can take as many lessons as they want for free, so it’s an interesting place to start learning a new language or to improve existing abilities.

Let’s see what the Sololearn app and website can do for your programming and coding skills.

Sololearn. The perfect platform to boost your technical skills

Sololearn. A community built on learning, coding, and peering

Sololearn is a community learning platform where students can learn, create, and share programming content with peers around the globe. The platform lets you learn and practice a skill of your choice anytime anywhere for free and it consists of very short videos or lessons – so the user does not get bored and keeps attention – and interactive checkpoints and practice sessions. The practice is real, so programming students write real-life code.

While learning, students conquer levels, build a profile, unlock achievements, create and participate in forums, and get feedback from Sololearn experts and other members of the community. The learners are people throughout the world that want to learn a new skill quickly and effectively to enrich their career and life choices.

Sololearn – Start learning now!

Sololearn. The perfect platform to boost your technical skills

Sololearn. A new way to advance your career, from machine learning to web development

No matter your experience level, you’ll be writing real, functional code within minutes of starting your first course. The new Sololearn approach to learning code with interactive courses will boost your skills in no time. Go step-by-step through our unique courses. Assess what you’ve learned with in-lesson quizzes, and gradually advance your skills with practice.

Learn on the web or on the go. Sololearn is always ready for you and you’ll never lose your place; you can download the Sololearn mobile app for both Android and iOS phones.

Prepping for the big test or want to ace your first interview? Use Sololearn’s real-world practice to reinforce what you’ve learned and got you ready for that big moment. You can also learn something totally new to advance your career. Or maybe you just want to knock off the rust.

Try Sololearn to get access to a variety of courses, from machine learning to web development.

Sololearn – Start learning now!

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