Social Detox. To prevent isolation, loneliness and depression

Fastcompany has published a post, written by a psychologist, that explains a series of tips on how to best use social media to prevent diseases and negative impacts.

Several studies have linked the deep use of social media with various levels of social isolation, loneliness and depression.

There is a strong body of research linking social media use with depression. Other studies have linked it to envy, lower self-esteem, and social anxiety.

How to use social media, according to a mental health expert – FastCompany

There are some suggestions, maybe banal or obvious, but it is worth remembering them and trying to follow them, because they are ways people can reduce the harm social media can do to their mental health.

  • Limit when and how you use social media – As they can interfere with personal communication. Start to avoid using them during lunches with family and friends or at work
  • Have detox periods – Hours or, better, few days, but also drastically reducing the use. Maybe start with 5 or 10 minutes a day
  • Pay attention to what you do and how you feel – If after 45 minutes of frantic scrolling you realize you feel tired and uncomfortable, stop doing it. Don’t be a lurker, but participate actively. Be an active person, also on social media
  • Ask yourself why you use social media – Is checking social media a true habit or a way to stay informed? Looking at it at work is an escape from a difficult task? Be honest with yourself and decide what you want from your life. Be brave and brutally honest with yourself to change your bad habits
  • Prune and clean up – All the contacts accumulated, all the brands followed, all the used social media are still interesting for you? Are they boring, heavy or make you angry? It’s time to use unfollow, mute, hide, delete. And your life will be better for it
  • Don’t let social media replace real-life – Don’t let online interactions replace the face to face entirely. Only real persons can fulfill the basic human need for connection and belonging. Test it

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