Rice your Linux desktop. Listen to your music with mpd and ncmpcpp

As you know, we like to rice our Linux desktop environments, we love to follow /r/unixporn and we find really relaxing put hands in dirty configuration files.

For the ricing, you can change desktop, windows, fonts, wallpapers and more. You can also create your own theme or modify the themes of other people. This is the beautiful of Linux and the fact that it turned again the fun in computing.

If you follow the ricing places like us, you have found for sure something interesting about playing music through the command line interface aka the terminal.

Here, a valuable article from the openSUSE knowledge about the use of mpd and ncmpcpp for playing music on your Linux desktop. The article explains all the process of the installation, configuration, and activation of the above-mentioned software.

ncmpcpp is quite powerful and includes a lot of advanced features like search capabilities, different views of your music library, and a wonderful tag editor. And it is also fully customizable and tweakable. Like we like!

In this article, we will discover a softwares trio that will allow you to manage and listen to your music from your terminal:

mpd: the music player daemon

mpc: a CLI interface to mpd

ncmpcpp: a mpd client, written in C++ with a ncurses interface

We will see how to install, configure and use it, as well as configuring smoothly integrated desktop notifications.

Here the link to the article: Listen to your music with mpd and ncmpcpp | news.opensuse.org

The article is about the openSUSE system, but it is fully comprehensible and adaptable to other Linux systems like Arch, Fedora or Ubuntu. It is easy and we are sure that you’ll not find any difficulties to do it, but, just in case, ask help in the comments below. And enjoy it!

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