Replacing Lightroom on Linux

Replacing Lightroom

Lightroom is focused on proprietary systems

Lightroom is an essential tool to craft and create incredible images. It is a photo processor and image organizer developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and MacOS. It allows viewing, organizing and retouching large numbers of digital images. Lightroom’s editing is a non-destructive type.

Lightroom – Official Site

Lightroom alternatives on Linux

Replacing Lightroom, which is not available for Linux, with different free and open-source software. You can use Rapid Photo Downloader or just Nautilus, for getting files off from camera and to put them on the computer. DigiKam is perfect for tagging, indexing and rating photos. Raw Therapee is a must for developing the RAW files into every day use images and the GIMP, the amazing GIMP, for do a photoshop or for print pictures. If you don’t like workaround and don’t like to use many programs, then go with Darktable. It’s an all in one piece of software, exactly similar to Lightroom.

Lightroom – The alternatives

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