Relaxing wallpapers to work better and to be more productive

With the massive use of the computer in recent years, eye strain has become one of the most common people’s ailments. The studies have shown that eyestrain and other annoying symptoms occur at high rates in offices and among workers who use computers. It’s not just about seeing each other less or less, the induced problems can vary between physical fatigue, reduced productivity, inattention, and many minor annoyances, including also redness in the eyes. After eight hours in front of a computer screen, it is not uncommon to be literally merged: despite the current monitors have made great strides in reducing harmful emissions and improving the quality of the lighting emitted, unfortunately, they are still harmful to human eyes due to the backlighting which, in the long run, always tends to tire the sight.

To work well on computers and devices, you need relaxing wallpapers

The background, the computer desk, the desktop, the wallpaper, call it what you want, it plays a very important role in the productivity and concentration of the user. Despite, for those who work on the computer, especially in certain fields, the background of their desktop is always hidden behind the applications (full screen) that are used for the profession, willingly or unwillingly, the desktop throughout the day tends to show itself and therefore it remains decidedly relevant.

During work sessions, moving from one screen to another, from one application to another, moving the windows, willy-nilly, our wallpaper will always catch the eye. For a corner, a glimpse, half screen or full screen, our desktop wallpaper, in the span of a day, will peep several times in front of our eyes. Here, if we have chosen an inadequate wallpaper, we will find ourselves almost disturbed by its presence, or at least disturbed by it. Our concentration will drop and our productivity will drop.

Relaxing HD Wallpapers - Japanese Bamboo Forest
Japanese Bamboo Forest

The ideal is to use relaxing and high definition wallpapers

Our wallpaper, to allow us to work relaxed and concentrated, will have to follow some simple rules. First of all, it must be a background perfectly optimized for the size of our screen, so as not to be castrated, crushed or stretched. Such a prospect would force our eyes to continually communicate to the brain that there is something wrong and that would be highly unproductive.

Secondly, it will have to be in high resolution, in HD, because if it were not so, imperfections would appear that would disturb the eye and consequently our concentration. If you have a FullHD monitor, you need a 1920×1080 wallpaper; if you have a 4K monitor, you need almost a 3840×2160 wallpaper. A 4K wallpaper fits well on lower resolution monitors, but the opposite is not true.

Thirdly, it should not be captivating, it should not attract attention more than necessary, so it is appropriate to opt for abstract backgrounds with soft colors. Obviously, if you put a beautiful girl (or a boy, depending on your preferences) as your background and maybe not too appropriately dressed (or in bikini!) .. well .. you will spend more time looking at the wallpaper than basking on your work applications.

Summarizing our ideal desktop wallpaper must correspond to a Relaxing HD Wallpaper:

  • Size optimized for the size of our screen
  • HD quality in high resolution or higher
  • Abstract backgrounds, soft colors.
  • In any case, images that do not attract too much attention
Relaxing HD Wallpapers - Minimal Nature Panorama
Minimal Nature Panorama

A relaxing HD wallpaper is the cornerstone of our productivity and our wellness

Exactly, if we search among the many available resources (Google first!) the keyword ‘wallpaper relax HD’, will inundate our browsers with a lot of proposals to fill our computer desktop backgrounds. Minimalist, simple images, with soft colors and perfectly suited not to create confusion and to favor concentration.

Personally, as relaxing HD wallpaper, we use images created specifically from that immense artistic repertoire that is DeviantArt, the optimal destination for those who want to supply free desktop wallpapers and relax HD wallpapers. The quality of the works on DeviantArt ranges from amateur to extremely professional and you can download most of the materials because they are offered under a Creative Commons license.

In addition to DeviantArt, which for us personally remains unreachable to discover ‘new things, never seen before’, there are infinite resources to obtain relaxing and functional backgrounds to work on the computer screen and, in any case, easily adaptable also to tablets and smartphones of the latest generation. Wallpaperswide is a really excellent resource full of backgrounds of all kinds and types, InterfaceLift offers backgrounds made by professional photographers and experts in graphic and photographic manipulation programs, HubbleSite offers wonderful space wallpapers captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, Reddit with everything related to the Internet or technology, it is definitely an avant-garde and offers several message boards to retrieve backgrounds and wallpapers of all kinds, finally, if you are a nature lover like us, you cannot fail to download some background from the National Geographic website.

In summary, here are the resources that we absolutely recommend:

Relaxing HD Wallpapers - Minimal Clover Wallpaper
Minimal Clover Wallpaper

A link to grab an archive of relaxing wallpapers and wallpapers in HD

This link is non-existent, or rather it is the link that could be obtained by carrying out a targeted search on DeviantArt or similar sites. We, in our own small way, have prepared a folder, called with great imagination Relaxing-HD-Wallpapers, containing different backgrounds that, again in our opinion, meet the above requirements.

These are 36 relaxing wallpapers in 4K, or in 3840×2160 high resolution, all optimized for all the kinds of modern desktop and laptop monitors, therefore perfect to be used on 4K high definition screens or to be scaled to the more classic 2K or Full HD format of 1920 pixels for 1080 pixels. We hope you like them and they will come in handy in your work sessions in front of the PC screen.

*** Click here to download the ZIP archive of the Relaxing-HD-Wallpapers collection or clone it from GitHub ***

Having said everything related to how to recover relaxing and productive backgrounds to be used as wallpaper for your computer desk, we recommend some precautions to be followed for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen.

  • Always use correct lighting and never stay in the dark – Eye strain is often caused by the backlight of the computer screen which strikes the user’s eyes like a glow, so when using a computer the environment must be properly illuminated. Reduce the external lighting and use diffused light lamps for the internal one, never stay in the dark and be illuminated only by the light of the laptop or PC screen
  • Attention to reflections and glares – Try to minimize the light effects of reflective surfaces, use anti-glare screens to be applied on the monitor or monitors already equipped with specific anti-glare treatments. For wearers of glasses or lenses, it is absolutely advisable to use the type with anti-reflective treatment
  • Adjust screen settings – Never forget to customize your monitor settings according to your needs. Reduce brightness, adjust the color temperature to warmer ones, increase the font size and use specific fonts for reading
  • Always keep a certain distance from the screen – Do not get too close to the computer screen as it could be dangerous. Always stay at a safe distance to avoid emissions problems as well as vision problems. The distances may vary according to the size of the screens, therefore always check the actual distance from the screen to be kept in the manual of the monitor or laptop
  • Take frequent breaks – Do not take computer work sessions that are too long because they could be harmful to health, as well as to the eyes. Take several breaks during the day, get up from the chairs and go out into the open air (and therefore in natural light) if you can. And don’t forget to hydrate yourself frequently
  • Consider taking an eye exam – If you’ve been working in front of PC screens for years, consider taking a full eye exam to prevent further future damage. A periodic check once a year would be ideal, because even if it doesn’t seem you are very likely that years of monitors have fatigued and reduced your visual capacity

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