Pop!_OS. Ubuntu without the Snap system

Ubuntu is certainly, with good credit, one of the most popular Linux distributions and one of the ones that most contributed to the spread of Linux in the desktop world.

Unfortunately, as we well know, in the latest Ubuntu releases the Snap package system is by default which, despite all the good intentions of this world, is still far from performing as well as its counterparts.

The alternatives for having a slick and stable Ubuntu like never before were limited to the total removal of the Snap components from the operating system, but for some time also a greener alternative has made its way into the panorama of Linux distributions. We are talking about the popular Pop! _OS.

Pop!_OS is built on Ubuntu and its repositories. It follows the Ubuntu version numbers and releases cycle. There will be a new release every six months.

Pop!_OS gets out of your way, maximizing screen real estate for your projects and communications. Organize your workflow with advanced window management, workspaces, and keyboard shortcuts for navigation.

Pop!_OS has its own official PPA which is enabled by default. You can use the classic apt-get and install all the tools you need without any snap package.

So, start and unleash your potential with Pop!_OS.

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