Patent trolls should never target free software. GNOME fights

GNOME, the foundation behind one of our favorite DE, was hit by a patent troll. Rothschild Patent Imaging, LLC offered to settle for the dispute about developing the Shotwell image management application. It’s the first time a free software project has been targeted in this way, perhaps it won’t be the last.

We want to send a message to all software patent trolls out there — we will fight your suit, we will win, and we will have your patent invalidated. To do this, we need your help. Please help support the GNOME Foundation in sending a message that patent trolls should never target free software by making a donation to the GNOME Patent Troll Defense Fund. If you can’t, please help spread the word with your friends on social media.

GNOME files defense against patent troll | GNOME

GNOME has established a patent troll defense fund, so please contribute to it and spread the word about this to help fight those worst patent trolls. You can help free software, so do it.

UPDATE 03-11

On the 3rd of November, the GNOME Patent Troll Defense Fund reached its initial goal of $125,000.

When Rothschild sued the GNOME Foundation, they were attacking the wider free software community too. Everyone who donated to the defense fund are helping GNOME rise to this challenge and send the message that attacking a free software project will hurt.

Thank you GNOME for all of your software contributions to Linux, making many of our computing experiences great. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

GNOME Patent Troll Defense Fund reaches goal of $125,000 | r/Linux on Reddit

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