PaperWM. GNOME with scrollable tiling of windows

PaperWM is an experimental Gnome Shell extension providing scrollable tiling of windows and per monitor workspaces. It’s inspired by paper notebooks and tiling window managers.

The basic idea of PaperWM is: you want to keep using Gnome (because all kinds of things Just Work in Gnome) but you also kinda wish you were using a tiling window manager. It’s a Gnome extension (instead of being a standalone window manager) and it’s in Javascript.

PaperWM: tiled window management for GNOME | Julia Evans

Most functionality is available using a mouse, eg. activating a window at the edge of the monitor by clicking on it. In Wayland, it is possible to navigate with 3-finger swipes on the trackpad. But the primary focus is making an environment that works well with a keyboard like i3wm or swaywm.


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