I’m a monster

KDE is an international free software community that develops Free and Libre software. Opensource and the beauty, this is the KDE philosophy. Arch and KDE mixture at unixporn on Reddit. I’m a monster, post of the month for a really amazing beautiful desktop. Seems that KDE wanted to have some METRO stuff.

Awesome WM on Arch distro

awesome is a highly configurable window manager for X. It is very fast, extensible and primarly targeted at power users and developers.   If you want to have fine-grained control on graphical environment, awesome is for you. If you’re on Arch, take a look here. For details on how to config the wm like the…

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How to and Linux documentation

The Linux Documentation Project is the entry point A HOWTO document explains in detail how to do something. Related to Linux-world, The Linux Documentation Project is the house of the HOWTOs and the mini HOWTOs. LDP is a loosely knit team of volunteers who provide documentation for many aspects of Linux. There are several forms…

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