Overcome epicondylitis by using a vertical mouse

The degenerative process of the tendons that enter the elbow is, in reality, the syndrome that has taken the name of lateral epicondylalgia in place of epicondylitis. The most recent scientific evidence has revealed the predominant role of the degenerative process affecting the tendons involved, rather than simply inflammation of the same. The affected area is however put under stress even with computer work and the use of the traditional mouse can cause inflammation of the muscles that are inserted on the epicondyle.

Eliminate or decrease pain by eliminating the cause of inflammation

Often, erroneously, it is also called ‘tennis elbow’, in reality, it concerns those who spend a lot of time with their upper limbs in the same position, therefore typewriters, employees at the computer, as well as pianists. The causes of this tendinitis can be multiple and the pain is localized where the muscle fibers attach to the bone on the external side of the elbow. Obviously, the pathology in question can also affect other subjects, such as bricklayers, mechanics and laborers, or, more generally, anyone who has to repeatedly perform arm flexion and wrist rotation movements.

Vertical mouse. The ideal choice for people who work daily and for a long time with the computer
Vertical mouse. The ideal choice for people who work daily and for a long time with the computer

Usually, the manifestations of this pathology are very painful and somewhat difficult to cure. Treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs is difficult to resolve the related problems quickly and, more often than not, it is advisable to undergo targeted physiotherapy treatments and immediately eliminate the activities that led to the occurrence of the phenomenon. Lateral Epicondylalgia or Epicondylitis: What’s in a Name? In this context, the role of prevention becomes decidedly important and being able to eliminate the manifestation of these painful phenomena can be the best way to face this problem.

In our field, the smart and technological one, there are already solutions based on the ergonomics of the workplace and the improvement of traditional instruments. In particular, however, the problem of the ‘mouse user elbow’ can be solved through the use of a new generation of mice specifically designed for those who spend many hours of their time using them. The main feature is that these new types of pointers allow, during their use, to rest the arm and not to stress the elbow.

This injury is often office-work related, any activity involving wrist extension, pronation or supination during manual labor, housework, and hobbies are considered as important causal factors. Lateral epicondylitis is equally common in both sexes. Between the ages of 30-50 years, the disease is most prevalent. Obtaining of the condition at both lateral epicondyles is rare, the dominant arm has the greatest chance of the occurrence of lateral epicondylitis. Twenty percent of cases persist for more than a year. So, how can we prevent this?

Vertical mouse with an ergonomic design and specially designed to prevent carpal tunnel disturbance

This new type of mouse allows, in addition to specifically avoiding the ‘tennis elbow’ syndrome, also good prevention against carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome is most frequently due to chronic inflammation of the flexor tendon bursa, which compresses the median nerve.

Vertical mouse. The ideal choice for people who work daily and for a long time with the computer
Vertical mouse. The ideal choice for people who work daily and for a long time with the computer

A dedicated tool to not strain the hand, arm, and elbow, specially designed to avoid the onset of different types of ailments, as well as an excellent design product with an economic cost. It will certainly not be the panacea for all ills, but the daily use of a good vertical mouse will make your life, work and otherwise, better and avoid the onset of annoying pathologies.

Many models are available, wired and wireless, fashionable or traditionalist, expensive or cheap, in short, as for normal mice there is really something for all tastes. A wide choice of various vertical mouse models can be viewed at this address. If, on the other hand, you want to avoid the hassle of having to choose, we have been using this model for a long time and we are very well. In addition, it costs like a normal mouse (maybe even less, someone around 17 euros/dollars) and is built with quality materials.

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