No audio coming from Android Studio Emulator on Linux

After a fresh install of Android Studio over Linux distributions like Fedora and Ubuntu, I experimented a very strange behavior: no sound, no audio, coming from the built-in Android emulator of Android Studio.


After many research and many attempts, I was lost and I was thinking to install Genymotion emulator, but I discovered (argh!!!) that the solution was really really simple. You need only to enter in GNOME Settings (or the same on your favourite Linux DE) and looking for the Sound (or Audio) settings. After that, search the Applications Tab (or similar).


Audio applications settings on GNOME desktop - Android Studio Emulator
Audio applications settings on GNOME desktop – Android Studio Emulator


Inside the Applications Tab, turn on (why was it off???) the qemu-system-i386 button and move the slider at the right volume setting. Go back to Android Emulator and try some audio outputs. All should be fine.


  1. After going through multiple StackOverflow pages, I can’t believe the solution was so simple. Thanks a lot!

    1. I’m sorry for that, but I don’t use Windows and I can’t help you. Maybe, you could check for similar settings in the Windows control panel.

      1. I checked everything, no sound coming from emulator at all :/ I will try to uninstall and reinstall the sound driver..

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