NiceHash. The world’s largest crypto-mining marketplace

NiceHash is the world’s largest crypto-mining marketplace. It is based on the concept of a sharing economy by connecting sellers and buyers of computing power from all over the world. NiceHash is the right place to go if you have PCs, RIGs or ASICs and you want to earn easily Bitcoins.

NiceHash. Buy and sell computing power of your PC, server, workstation, ASIC or farm
NiceHash. Buy and sell computing power of your PC, server, workstation, ASIC or farm

NiceHash brings half-million daily active workers and serves over 4 million of orders

NiceHash was founded in April 2014 and has been offering services for cryptocurrency miners, traders, and investors since. In just three years, NiceHash has become one of the largest hash power marketplaces in the world of cryptocurrency.

With regular payouts, great support, high security, system stability and by delivering massive amounts of hashing power, NiceHash has rapidly developed into a well-known brand among cryptocurrency miners. NiceHash also serves as a backbone network and it plays an important role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by indirectly providing new coin creation and transaction validation on several different blockchains.

How it works

Sellers are provided with the easiest way of earning money through the NiceHash Miner (GUI software) that auto sells user’s computing power for the highest possible profit on the marketplace. The dashboard provides sellers with additional value and data insights for better day-to-day mining.

Buyers are provided with access to massive hashing power on all major hashing algorithms. This enables buyers to use hashing power to mine any coins; the established ones or the new coins on the rise. The unique pay-as-you-go purchase model allows buyers to be completely flexible and bid on the hashing power in real-time without long-term contracts.

If you have CPU, GPU or ASIC machines, or maybe a RIG FARM, let’s go and check your profitability with NiceHash and start immediately to mine with this platform.

NiceHash. Real-time statistics & dashboard. Free software & user friendly guides
NiceHash. Real-time statistics & dashboard. Free software & user-friendly guides

Live marketplace

You can check the live marketplace transaction availability for every algorithm on this page. As you can see, live quotations are moving fast and you can buy the best price easily. If you’re considering using NiceHash as a buyer, remember that this platform can be very useful when you come across a situation where a certain algorithm or coin becomes more profitable than other and you can move quickly to the more profitable one.

NiceHash MarketPlace

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