New icons for Tear theme

Slowly, but another icons

I have added some new icons to Tear Theme. It’s a theme to customize the aspect of Linux distributions which use Unity (so it’s Ubuntu!) or Gnome (many others) desktop environment. All the work is made using Inkscape, an incredible free and opensource program to design. Inkscape is a professional vector graphics editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. I suggest you to give it a try.

Tear Theme is a small experimental theme (still and ever in beta!) for the Linux desktop platform. However, when I started to create Tear Theme it was just to make a relaxing desktop and icons theme for myself to suit my preferences.

![Tear Theme – New icons added]({{ site.url }}/images/tear-new-icons-added-gtk-theme.png)

Some great people to inspire you

I love the work of Numix Team and of Sam Hewitt, they made incredibly beautiful theme and icons. So, I’m so inspired by their works and it’s for the art of those guys that I started experimenting with Inkscape.

If you like Tear Theme, you can download it from my GitHub and use it like you want. And you can modify it, improve it and develop your own version of it. It’s free and opensource, so is up to you.

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