NetworkManager 1.2.0 released!

The availability of a new major version

Yes, finally a new improved version of NetworkManager is here.

NetworkManager is a program for providing detection and configuration for systems to automatically connect to network. NetworkManager is useful for both wireless and wired networks. NetworkManager was originally developed by Red Hat and now is hosted by the GNOME project.

NetworkManager is the standard Linux network configuration tool suite. It supports large range of networking setups, from desktop to servers and mobile and integrates well with popular desktop environments and server configuration management tools.

In two words, it’s difficult to stay without nowadays because it’s really comfortable.

This fresh release brings many interesting new features. It improves Wi-Fi and IPv6 privacy, needs less external dependencies, makes VPN support more flexible and adds support for many kinds software devices including IP tunnels, VxLANs and more.

A long summary of changes and under the hood improvements

Take a look here to understand what happened to NetworkManager:

And to the official wiki:

Update NetworkManager is really easy:

    sudo dnf update NetworkManager

or just:

    sudo dnf update

My thanks to Gnome guys because they made an incredible work on it.

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