Linux Day

Celebrate digital freedom

The main Italian event dedicated to GNU/Linux returns, the free software, the open culture and about sharing: dozens of events all over Italy, involved hundreds of volunteers and thousands of visitors to celebrate digital freedom!

Linux Day Italy because users of GNU/Linux has its own style: free style!

The main GNU/Linux italian event

The most popular and participated GNU/Linux event in Italy. Promotion, diffusion, knowledge and deepening of free software: the Linux Day!
The date for the 2015 edition is Saturday, October the 24th, in which, as always, dozens of events will take place simultaneously across the country.

Active partecipation in the community

This year the central theme of the Linux Day is the active participation in the community for free software: the ways to contribute to the improvement and the growth of the applications that we all use every day, not by writing and modifying code but also by reviewing documentation, to package new releases, translating texts and much more.

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