How to install Keybase on openSUSE Linux

Keybase is an innovative platform to secure our online identities, it allows users to link their encryption keys to their social accounts like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

Keybase also offers an end-to-end encrypted chat, a cloud storage system and a secure cryptocurrency wallet. In addition to the website, Keybase has client applications for Android phones, iOS platforms, and the most Linux distributions.

Keybase | If your data is in the cloud, it should be encrypted
Keybase | If your data is in the cloud, it should be encrypted

If you’re comfortable working in a terminal, you should download the Keybase app. You can do so much with it: sign, verify, encrypt, generate messages, sign code, move keys around, and all using GPG for the crypto.

Every account on Keybase has a public history. “Sigchains” let Keybase clients reconstruct the present without trusting Keybase’s servers. And when you “follow” someone on Keybase, you sign a snapshot of your view of the claims in their sigchain.

Keybase | Official Docs

Keybase officially supports only Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, and Arch, but there are other packages for other systems as well. We can easily install it on openSUSE Linux distribution with a little caveat.

First, you can download the .rpm package of your choice:

$ wget # STANDARD package

$ wget # NIGHTLY package

And install it from your system:

$ sudo zypper install PATH/PACKAGE-NAME

Alternatively, you can use Zypper to download and install Keybase automagically in one time:

$ sudo zypper # STANDARD package

$ sudo zypper # NIGHTLY package

Then run Keybase from your desktop environment like any other application. Later, Keybase will auto-start at login.


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