It’s time to migrate your emails to a new secure and privacy-focused inbox

We have already done it for some time and we recommend it to everyone, given the times that are running, a secure and respectful email service is definitely a must.

The services available are varied and can be found for all tastes, but to make it simple, we want to recommend only one name. We are talking about ProtonMail, the world’s largest secure email service, developed by CERN and MIT scientists. It is a fully open-source service and it is protected by Swiss privacy law.

Also, The New York Times discovered it:

ProtonMail is a bit more complex than Fastmail, but cranks the privacy knob up to 11, offering end-to-end encryption when you want your emails to be truly hidden from the company’s servers. It requires a bit more setup, though, and requires your recipient to jump through the same hoops, but for true privacy advocates, it’s a good option. Just remember that no matter what email service you use, your privacy is only as good as the email service your friends, family and colleagues are using — just because your email service isn’t scanning your email doesn’t mean your friends’ email service isn’t scanning the emails you send to them. Privacy is tough to come by these days, and that goes double for email.

Switch From Your Internet Provider’s Email to Something Better | The New York Times


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