Install latest LibreOffice on Ubuntu LTS

Ubuntu LTS, the long term support release of Canonical operating system, comes with the rock stable LibreOffice 5.1 version. It’s really stable but a bit older, and without a lot of new functionalities and improvements.


LibreOffice 5.4.2
LibreOffice 5.4.2

Living dangerous with LibreOffice 5.4 to get the latest features

If you want to live in the dangerous way, why don’t try the latest 5.4 version of the LibreOffice suite? So, if you’re brave, let’s go with the next steps.

# remove old versions
sudo apt remove –purge libreoffice*
sudo apt autoremove

# add specific 5.4 repo
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/libreoffice-5-4

# install that LO version
sudo apt update
sudo apt install libreoffice

If you’re a technology enthusiast, early adopter or power user, this version is for you. You can also download an easy to install .deb file at the LibreOffice download page.

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