Why doesn’t i3blocks show battery in status bar on Fedora?

Since I use i3, one of my favorite feature is the minimalism of the status bar. I found in it the same feeling of the cli, but united with the beauty of the graphical interface.


The i3blocks status bar shows also the battery status
The i3blocks status bar shows also the battery status

i3blocks to generate amazing status line for i3bar

Recently I have switched all my i3 installations to i3blocks. It allows one to easily describe blocks in a simple format, and generate a status line for i3bar. It handles clicks, signals and time interval for user scripts.

On Ubuntu, all went fine out of the box, but on Fedora system i3blocks doesn’t show the battery status on the bar. So, I investigated.

If you look at the code of the battery script (here the link to GitHub), you can check that the script uses the acpi command to monitor the battery status. In my Fedora 26 Alpha (now Beta!), acpi command wasn’t installed by default.

So, just type this in a terminal:

$ sudo dnf install acpi

<MOD> + <SHIFT> + R to restart i3 and the game is done.

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