How to use AmbianceDF theme on Ubuntu Unity

Standard Unity theme, but with different Ubuntu colors

AmbianceDF is a classic theme for Ubuntu Unity desktop environment. I found the standard Ambiance theme really clean and usable, but little old. The colors of the standard Ubuntu theme have little tired me, so I decided to refresh the look of Ambiance standard theme. For this, AmbianceDF was born.

AmbianceDF provides a set of Ubuntu common colors, so you can remain on a classic Unity theme but with more modern Ubuntu tints. I choose the value for colors from the official Ubuntu Design Colour palette resource.

AmbianceDF - A Ubuntu Linux Unity Theme

Useful links:

Ubuntu Design official site

AmbianceDF official repository

How to install and use AmbianceDF theme on Ubuntu Linux

First of all, AmbianceDF is thinked for Unity desktop environment. So, if you plan to use it with differents DE, you can try, but results could be different and not optimised.

To install AmbianceDF:

To move AmbianceDF to correct folders:

mkdir ~/.icons
mkdir ~/.themes
move ~/Downloads/AmbianceDF-master/AmbianceDF Icons ~/.icons
move ~/Downloads/AmbianceDF-master/AmbianceDF Theme ~/.themes

Finally, install and use Unity Tweak Tool to select custom theme:

Unity Tweak Tool

That’s all. Enjoy it!

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