How to Transfer Your Playlists from Spotify to YouTube Music. Easy and free

If you too are fed up with all the inefficiencies of Spotify, those horrible ads shot at high volume, poor codecs, and, above all, those horrible algorithms that recommend music that has nothing to do with your tastes, then the time has come to change and move on to better service.

Spotify made us fall in love, we loved it for its simplicity, community playlists, and very effective integration on the latest generation consoles with its adorable PlayStation and Xbox apps. But then, Spotify betrayed us: advertising from little and good has become so much, invasive, ugly and, above all, shot at a very high volume, that it breaks the eardrums. Video game console apps have never been updated and have become slow and spasmodic. The community playlists got worse with the songs added automatically, the suggested music also became nonsense: how is it possible that after two hours of listening to Techno music, listening to Rihanna is suggested?

In short, if you have arrived here, you have probably already experienced all the adventures in the world of Spotify. And we didn’t even mention Linux software: ridiculous! Available only for Ubuntu and Snap, and also very buggy, in fact, the latest version is installed but does not start even if you use Wayland, which is now the de facto standard of any modern Linux distribution.

We’re so sorry, we loved Spotify. And we’re ready to welcome it back if it returns to decent standards, but until then, better look elsewhere. The alternatives are many and with different pros and cons: Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and the newborn YouTube Music. As big YouTube fans, being premium users, we found YT Music included in the family package. Great, in one fell swoop we solved all our music library problems. It just needs to transport all our playlists made with lots of love on Spotify quickly, easily, and free of charge. Let’s see!

Transfer Songs and Playlists from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and others. Free, Easy, and Fast

YouTube Premium offers the best value for money compared to any other service, so we highly recommend it. You can get ad-free YouTube and also have YT Music with every song and every remix in the world at prices that are online or lower than other streaming services. Plus, with family accounts, you can save even more.

Trying out new music streaming services is easy, transferring playlists from one to another, not that simple. I know what you are thinking: how can you go about transferring all playlists and other music preferences from Spotify to YouTube Music?

If you’ve come here looking for a solution, you’ve come to the right place and you’ll find out how some services and apps will allow you to transfer your entire music library from Spotify to YouTube Music in minutes.

First, stay away from FreeYourMusic, both app, and site. It’s free, but we’ve tested it and it doesn’t work, it’s just a waste of time. If you search the web, you will find thousands of these apps and services. They are mostly paid and boast exceptional performance. In our experience, the best is TuneMyMusic. It works, it’s fast and you only need to sign up for one month, so for only 5 bucks, we solved our problem.

If we are only interested in Spotify and YT Music services, and we are not interested in others. Then we can solve the problem with a couple of completely free, fast, and extremely effective services.

Let’s see them below!

Playlist Buddy

Playlist Buddy is a free, ad-supported web service. They are not popup and invasive ads, however. You will only notice banners when transferring the playlist from Spotify to YouTube Music. The whole site was built to do just one thing. No other music streaming site is supported at the moment and it does what it needs to do really well.

Just pair Playlist Buddy with your music accounts, choose the playlists to import and click the convert button. And boom! Done!

The only limitations, easily circumvented, are the maximum limit of songs that a playlist can contain, that is 250 songs, and the limit of daily searches, about 1000, that the YouTube API supports. If so, simply break a playlist into multiple 250-song collections, and complete the multi-day conversion job by bypassing the YT API daily limit.

Click here to access Playlist Buddy app:

SpotifyYouTube Playlist Manager

SpotifyYouTubePlaylistManager, a fork of SpotifyYouTubeGeneratePlaylists, is a simple Python command-line script that either converts your Spotify Playlists of songs to YouTube Playlist of videos or takes your liked videos on Youtube and generates a Spotify playlist based on the song in your liked videos.

It is very simple to install and use, it does everything with PiP and launches like any other Python program. It does what it’s supposed to do, no-frills, and it works. Of course, it is also subject to the limitations of the Music Services API.

Google’s YouTube API quota limit for a day is 10,000 counts. One search request costs 100 units and one playlist insert query costs 50 units. So I had to limit adding 50 videos per day. Also, you have to manually update the Spotify authorization token after it expires every time.

Click here to access SpotifyYouTube Playlist Manager app:

There are tons of other apps and services that allow you to do these things, share your tips in the comments, and let us know what you like to use the most. We on these two guarantees that they work well, they are fast, and that they are also fine on Linux machines.

For the rest, we are waiting to hear how you think!

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