How to solve Broadcom SD card reader issue with Linux

Broadcom and Linux are always fighting

I use Ubuntu and Fedora over an old MacBook Pro with Broadcom BCM57765/57785 SDXC/MMC card reader and it’s worked at the first installations but after some update it stopped working.

I installed Ubuntu and Fedora for friends and the machine with the Broadcom BCM57765/57785 chipset for SD card reader gave me the same issue. At all, on some machine it never worked.

I tried many solution that I have founded on the net, but they worked only for a bit of time.

Terminal lspci Screenshot

Solve the BCM57765/57785 card reader issue

On my latest installations:

  • with Ubuntu 16.04 the card reader worked out of the box, but after some days (updates) it stopped working
  • with Fedora 24 (updated to 25) the card reader on the MacBook Pro has never worked

On latest friends installations:

  • some Acer, Asus and other laptop machines
  • both with Fedora and Ubuntu, the card reader began working but after some uses stopped


No definitive solution at all, but many workarounds with different results. You can find sources here below.


  1. Add following to /etc/rc.local:
   setpci -s 00:1c.2 0x50.B=0x41
  1. Add to /etc/apm/resume.d/21aspm:
   setpci -s 00:1c.2 0x50.B=0x41
  1. Add to /etc/modprobe.d/sdhci:
options sdhci debug_quirks2=4
  1. Regenerate initrd:
sudo update-initramfs -u -k all


On some machines (like Acer and Asus) the workaround is fully working out of the box, on some machines (like some Apple MacBook Pro) it stopped working after few uses and you must repeat it to have sd card reader working again.


    1. > setpci: Warning: No devices selected for “0x50.B=0x41”

      This is explicative. Actually, you could have a different hardware (e.g. different Mac), so you have different addresses.

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