How to make stable the AMD Ryzen mining rigs on Linux or Windows

Mining is hard work for PC or rig components, and sometimes new technologies have issues with modern operating systems, so when you put together Ryzen CPUs and Linux or Windows, it could happen bad things.

AMD Ryzen. No more problems with mining support
AMD Ryzen. No more problems with mining support

Incredible Ryzen CPUs. Make AMD great again

Many times it happened to my AMD rigs that something went wrong and the system crashed or froze. So annoying thing, but fortunately the most part of the times the rig rebooted itself and the mining process restarted.

A premise: the rig or the PC with CPUs that mining didn’t suffer any problems, this issue is related to the IDLE state and to the relaxing state of the CPU.

The rig with AM4 B350 ASRock and MSI motherboards with Ryzen 7 1700 and also the one with the Athlon 200GE onboard, crashed (sometimes froze) and rebooted once (sometimes twice) a day. We investigated a lot thinking that the problem was related to GPUs overclock and undervolting, but we were wrong.

We changed GPUs BIOS a lot of times and with very soft parameters, but all the time crash issues went on board. So, we changed the method and we investigated the PSU, the CPU, and the motherboard. On the machine, with Windows 2019 LTSC we performed the latest 1809 update first, but the issue still remains.

After many attempts, we discovered that this problem is annoying but it also has a simple solution. If you like to edit BIOS parameters to overclock RAM and CPU, you know what to do to improve the performance of your new rig. So, you don’t have any problems to modify BIOS parameters in order to make a Ryzen build stable on Windows or Linux. No more crashes, no more freezes, only pure mining.

Our Ryzen 7 1700 rig, and also the brand new Athlon 200GE rig, keeps randomly freezing when going the CPU going IDLE. In the Linux world, it’s a recognized bug and you can find it on Kernel Bugzilla as Bug 196683 – Random Soft Lockup on new Ryzen build. Redmond looks away, but the Windows issue is real too.

To solve the issue:

  • first, reset all the power plan and power settings in your operating system: never sleep, no HD going to sleep or something similar. Your CPU, HD, and display should stay ever awake;
  • second, perform a complete update of the operating system. This means you get the latest available kernel for your system;
  • third, on the BIOS motherboards, go to Advanced Settings and then to the AMD CBS tab. Inside this, set the Power Supply Idle Control to Typical Current Idle.

Additional point: check every time the stability of your risers and PSU connectors.

Some people reported on Reddit that disabling the C6 state and/or the AMD Cool&Quiet function can help, take a look here for more information.

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