How to make more

A change of mind

Requirements are not easy to obtain

Fix ideas, store concepts, theories and expressions. Print the key formulas of a scientific discipline in the memory. Perform exercises and perform tests. A proper study methodology can provide adequate support to the understanding of the subject. All of this takes time, energy and peace of mind: all the requirements are not easy to obtain.

Have a tireless commitment, be pragmatic and be consistent

Do not get discouraged, even mastering an inner balance. Insist, continue to work and, in the spare time, relax your body and mind. The search for an adequate preparation to get the correct method and proper practice. Experience is gained only through the commitment, a consistent and continued commitment. Motivation, method, constant practice. Three core elements that allow you to get in any field, no exception.

Push your mind and change your state of mind

Mental condition , method and practice

Being under pressure, remain under pressure. An ideal condition, for many, to be more productive. The mind, like the whole organism, tends to give the best when it is under pressure: is the survival instinct inherent in the nature of being human. It’s possible to activate this instinct in order to be more productive and get better results: we must push the mind to desire, to crave, to want. By changing your mental condition, you require to get to do what was considered impossible. It’s just a matter of the head, or rather, of adequate mental condition.

Talent and results

Getting to obtain satisfactory results, it is not a question of talent, it’s only a question of work, hard work. Push your mind and your body to your will, setting themselves through the motivation, use a method and do it consistently. It is a mental condition, will that turns into power and then into being. There are no tricks or deception, there are no shortcuts or talents. There are people who put their minds and devote their time to an ideal, to a commitment, to a goal.

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