How to install Jekyll on a Fedora fresh install

Getting some issues install Jekyll on Fedora

Last days I made a fresh new installation of Fedora (exactly a F24 Beta release) on a netbook and I was really satisfied with it. Just some tweaks and the small tiny pc working like a charm.

I got some issues, really small things, and the most ** one is a Jekyll error. Trying to install Jekyll on the new machine, I got this error:

ERROR:  Error installing jekyll:

ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

Something is missing and nothing more

I didn’t remember what I had done on my first Jekyll installation on a Fedora system, so I investigated it one more time. I found that some components are missing, so I solved all thank to these commands in a terminal window:

sudo dnf install ruby-devel rubygems-devel

In case, maybe you need also to install make command:

sudo dnf install make

After all, only this to install Jekyll:

sudo gem install jekyll

Bye, bye!

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