How to fix a YouTube Error Occurred Playback ID

Many readers have reported to us frequent issues when viewing videos on the YouTube platform, especially users with Apple Mac computers using Chrome and Safari browsers.

When they try to view any video on YouTube, the video will play for a few seconds or not at all, then return the notorious error of An error occurred, please try again later. (Playback ID ..). This problem seems to be present – albeit to a lesser extent – even on Linux and Windows platforms and also using different browsers such as Brave, Firefox, and Opera.

After searching around to try and find a solution for this, none of the troubleshooting methods appeared to fix it. Many recommend clearing your browser cache, resetting your router’s DNS, disabling all extensions, reinstalling your web browser, all to no avail.

An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: OaJZzfV_qeu6wfr4)
An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: OaJZzfV_qeu6wfr4)

Let solve the problem of viewing YouTube videos via your account very quickly

After some research, we have limited the problem to the use of personal accounts during the use of the videos; in fact, if you use an incognito window of the same browser, everything will work properly.

A further verification pointed out that these are always users who have multiple accounts. The first test of the simplest solution immediately gave the desired result and solved the situation.

To fix this, simply switch your account to another account and view the same video. The vision will start immediately and will not give any problems. At this point, just switch back to the account used previously to be able to view the video without any problem.

YouTube Error Occurred Playback ID easily fixed

In summary:

  • you are using account A and YouTube returns Playback Error on video X
  • switch to account B and YouTube allows you to watch video X without problems
  • switch back to account A and YouTube allows for trouble-free viewing of video X

Very simply we have to reset the internal caches of YouTube, making multiple switches between our accounts, always favoring the display on the same video.

Those who do not have multiple accounts are not affected by this problem.

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