How to disable notifications request prompt in Firefox

Oh.. annoying notification request prompt! I use Firefox everyday and I find so bothering the prompt to allow notifications or not. Let’s see how to solve this issue.

Preferences or manual configuration to set the default permissions to ‘never’ for notifications

Browser notifications let websites announce important updates, but also annoying things and spam communications. Websites send notifications to alert for something and some time to send you special offers. Notifications are incredibly useful when you’re using the browser for handling emails with services like Gmail or ProtonMail, but in the most part of the other cases, notifications from the browser are only annoying.

We love open source, we use Firefox. Using the Mozilla browser every day it seems like every site wants to give you ‘push’ notifications. Argh!!! Because of this constant rain of push notification requests, a lot of people wish to completely disable push notifications from websites in Firefox.

Privacy & Security tab in Firefox preferences
Privacy & Security tab in Firefox preferences

We are lucky because now we can do it in simplicity through Firefox Preferences. Just open Preferences, select the Privacy & Security tab and, under Permissions, click on Notifications Settings.

Notification Permissions on Firefox Settings
Notification Permissions on Firefox Settings

Tick the ‘Block new requests asking to allow notifications’ button and you have done it because this will prevent any websites not listed in exceptions from requesting permission to send notifications. Blocking notifications may break some website features but we are happy with this.

In case it’s not working for you or you’re using an old version of Firefox, open a new tab and write about:config in the URL address bar. Search for notifications and turn the boolean values to ‘false’ in the following:



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