How to create a menu entry for Calibre

I have installed Calibre, the perfect ebook management program, on a fresh install of Xfce using the Linux binary installer from the official website and I found no entry for Calibre on the applications menu.

A simple menu entry for Calibre in Xfce
A simple menu entry for Calibre in Xfce

A menu entry for Calibre that works also under Xfce

No menu entry, so, to solve this issue I have created a .desktop file for Calibre.

Check if you have the ‘applications’ folder in ~/.local/share/:

$ ls -lsa ~/.local/share/

If not, create it:

$ mkdir ~/.local/share/applications

After that, you can put a .desktop file in it:

$ vi ~/.local/share/applications/calibre.desktop

And write in it the following lines:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=E-Book Management
Exec=/opt/calibre/calibre %F

Obviously, you may need to modify the paths in that file to match your Calibre install location. To find more about Calibre, go to the official website at or read the article documentation at Wikipedia.


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