How to buy a PlayStation 5 now

Wanna know how to buy a PlayStation 5? If you are still without a PlayStation 5, here is our guide to buying your new console immediately. Follow the key points to get a brand new PS5 right away, don’t miss the moment.

PS5 refueling updates are still rare, the AMD chip crisis and the issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic do not help. In addition, the scourge of touting is increasingly the master. 😉

Pandemic, chip crisis, and scalping. The hard to find PlayStation 5

The new PlayStation was released over a year ago, so hope for an improvement in the availability situation should be on the horizon. With Horizon Forbidden West out in February and Gran Turismo 7 in March, Sony will definitely want to get as many PS5s into the hands of gamers as possible. How to buy a PlayStation 5 is like a mantra for many people now.

We must definitely be positive and think that the availability of PlayStation 5 consoles will improve considerably in the weeks to come.

Want to know how to get a PlayStation 5 now?

Well, bad news for you. The only sure way is to give in to those evildoers who are the touts. Search eBay or other classifieds sites, and you’ll easily find a shiny new Sony PlayStation 5 for sale.

The problem is that they are sold at higher prices and we are talking about 2 or 3 times the original price. You need a mortgage to buy the PS5 so, don’t give it to him.

Get a PlayStation 5. The alternatives are few and simple

Monitor retailer sites daily, have someone you trust in a store, book it from GameStop or similar, rely on some BOTs, or keep an eye on Twitter accounts that monitor the situation.

One of the best options could be made by Sony. You can register on Sony’s official website to have an opportunity to purchase a Sony PlayStation 5 console directly from Sony. Check this here.

The advice not to get too stressed is to book it at a store of a large chain. You will have to buy a bundle full of accessories, but you will pay for joypads and games, not to give money to the touts who helped create this ugly situation.

Should there be any news, we will still be the first to communicate it to you. Bye!

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