Happy again, with Linux

On how people become happy again using Linux on their PCs and Macs. If you want to rediscover the beauty of Information Technology, using a secure and reliable system, but also having fun, then give Linux a chance. And have more fun choosing from its many distributions.

Through the years, as my MacBook’s hardware failures became increasingly inconvenient, and as my personal preference in software shifted from big beautiful graphical applications to small command-line programs, Linux started to look much more appealing. And, Linux’s hardware compatibility had expanded—companies had even started selling laptops with Linux already installed—so I felt reasonably sure I wouldn’t need to waste another weekend struggling with a broken wireless connection or risk frying my monitor with a misconfigured Xorg.conf.

So I looked at Dells and ThinkPads, but Apple’s hardware had spoiled me. I wanted a machine that felt sturdy, that worked reliably, that looked elegant and cool, that maybe I could service and upgrade myself, and that might last me another decade. Nothing I found quite hit that sweet spot. System76 came the closest, and I almost bought one, but then a colleague suggested I look into Purism. I fell in love and bought a Librem 13. It’s been so great.

So, here’s what I’m using now.

Hello Again, Linux

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