Google Privacy. How to set all your data to self-destruct

Privacy and security are two of the most ardent problems of the last decade. All the big giants of the IT world have had to fight with them and respond to user requests on several occasions: Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and all others have been forced to address the issue of user privacy.

Google is probably the company with the largest number of users and therefore found itself in the duty to deal with it in a comprehensive manner. Here is a self-erasing system for all user data from their systems.

Google has now given to all users an option to set search and location data to automatically disappear after a certain time. We should all use it.

For years, Google has kept a record of our internet searches by default. The company hoards that data so it can build detailed profiles on us, which helps it make personalized recommendations for content but also lets marketers better target us with ads. While there have been tools we can use to manually purge our Google search histories, few of us remember to do so.

So I’m recommending that we all try Google’s new privacy tools. In May, the company introduced an option that lets us automatically delete data related to our Google searches, requests made with its virtual assistant and our location history.

How to Set Your Google Data to Self-Destruct |

‘Privacy that works for everyone’ is the new Google motto and we all hope that it will be true and functional for us.

Privacy controls should be easy to find and use. A few years ago, we introduced Google Account to provide a comprehensive view of the information you’ve shared and saved with Google, and one place to access your privacy and security settings. Simple on/off controls let you decide which activity you want to save to your account to make Google products more helpful. You can also choose which activities or categories of information you want to delete.

Safety and Security. Privacy that works for everyone | Google Blog

We strongly believe that privacy and security are rights that should be clear and free for everyone. We hope that big companies, like Google, will continue to ensure their products to safe, privacy and security. Leave choices to users is one of the best things an IT company can do.

In the NewYorkTimes article, you can find all the instructions to set your data to self-destruct after a certain time. We suggest you use it.

Link: How to Set Your Google Data to Self-Destruct – NYTimes

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