Give Firefox a chance for a faster and secure Internet

We have been using Firefox for a very long time, practically for everything except some tasks that explicitly require Chrome, and we’re excited about it. Mozilla has done and is doing a great job to keep up with the times, to improve the user experience and, above all, to innovate more than others. Firefox, it is our personal opinion, it is indicating the correct way to follow and, fortunately, we are not the only ones to think so!

We’re living in the Google Chrome browser dominance age (65% of the market share worldwide) but for the first time in a few years, Chrome has some very serious competition.

Firefox is an open-source browser made by a non-profit organization named Mozilla. The mission of the Mozilla Foundation is to help build a healthier, more open and accessible internet.

Give Firefox a chance for a faster, calmer and distraction-free internet | Marko Saric

So, as us and as others, give Firefox a chance now and enjoy a more open, private and secure web experience!

Mozilla already pushed up the development of the next major release of the open-source and cross-platform web browser: Firefox 72 is now available for public beta testing, so you can able to test its features and improvements. The most anticipated one is the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) support to the Linux platforms.


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