A long time ago, I discovered the incredible world of the video games and I no longer left it, I became also a passionate gamer! I started playing video games when I was a child with a Philips Videopac and after that, I walked over a lot of video games, consoles, and computer’s games.

Zero Wing - All your base are belong to us
Zero Wing – All your base are belong to us

I’m also a crazy compulsive maniac of the trade, so I buy and sell constantly all my games and hardware. This is only because I don’t have money (and space! Of course!) to keep them all, so I need to sell old things to buy new ones.


I’m not a fanboy and I like all the systems. == Secretly, I loved only one system, the NEC PC Engine. == For some time, I danced repeatedly from PS4 to XBox One to Steam.

You can find me on PSN, XBox Live, and Steam. Actually, I have only a PS4 and you can find me on PSN (especially playing ‘Destiny’) as Arkenu, so if you want to play with me, feel free to add my gamertag to your friends.



What I am currently playing

The ultimate Destiny 2 and Forsaken experience
The ultimate Destiny 2 and Forsaken experience

At this time, you can find me playing Destiny 2 on PS4 platform. Anyway, if someone wanted to give me an Xbox One X, I would be happy to accept the present.

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Feel free to contact me or to offer me a beer! 😉