Flat buttons for Tear theme

Slowly, but another buttons

I have added some new flat buttons to Tear Theme. All the work about the buttons was made using Inkscape. I thought that GIMP did it in the same way, but Unity DE use SVG vector graphics for the buttons… so, Inkscape is the right choice.

Tear Theme is still under development and still in beta(maybe in alpha!), so remember it. You can download Tear Theme from my GitHub and use it like you want because it’s free and opensource. I’m also glad to receive advice, help and suggestions.

![Tear Theme – New flat buttons added]({{ site.url }}/images/tear-work-in-progress-7.png)

Some great book to inspire you

I love the work of Steve Krug. In his A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, he explains a lot about design and make an essential book for Web designers and developers around the world.

Linux Bible is an incredibly must have book for Linux lovers. An excellent resource to understand the beautiful behind the complexity of Linux. So, I really suggest you this one.

Finally, Inkscape Beginner’s Guide. The right book to start with Inkscape. Learning to use Inkscape, using practical, real-world examples, understand everything about the software and its capabilities. Become able (you, not me!) to design anything from logos to websites.

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