Feedly Notifier. A simple extension for reading RSS

Reading feeds is a very pleasant practice, not at the level of what happened at the time of the old BBS boards and not as gothic and Cyberpunk as the old Usenet rooms, but it is a somewhat retro system to stay informed and up to date.

In this modern world, you have a lot of choices to read the news and the RDF Site Summary is one of the elders and most used, maybe not so much used today, but still used. RSS is a feed that, for example, allows a user to keep track of many different websites in a single news aggregator. So, a cozy system.

Feedly Notifier on Linux

In the past, RSS feeds were comfortable to read but difficult to keep synchronized. Today, on the other hand, there are systems that do everything automatically and allow you to have the same synchronized feed on your home Linux PC, on the laptop with BSD on board and on the Android phone that never leaves you.

Even today there are specific applications for the management of RSS feeds, but what we want to show you is our work staff, based on a web app that takes care of everything and on an extension for the major web browsers that takes care of showing us easily our beloved feeds.

So, here we are.

The Feedly Notifier small icons on the web browser
The Feedly Notifier small icons on the web browser

Feedly (also known as feedly) is a news aggregator web application based on a cloud-based service and it has also the app for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. It takes news feeds from the user online sources, it is widely customizable and it offers a way to share the news with others.

Feedly Notifier is a tiny extension that keeps you up to date with your Feedly subscriptions. It is available for the major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser, and also Apple Safari. It is a fully open-source and offers you the possibility to have the feed notifications directly in your browser and it also fully integrated into Linux DE systems such as GNOME, Xfce, and KDE.

The Feedly Notifier news list on the web browser
The Feedly Notifier news list on the web browser

Finally, Feedly as cloud-service, Feedly App on Android and Feedly Notifier on PCs and laptops. It is our opinion that this is one of the easiest and, at the same time, most enjoyable workarounds, to have your feed sources at hand and without weighing down your IT systems too much.



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