Enable desktop icons on Fedora 25

Trouble enabling Fedora 25 desktop icons

Fedora 25 delivers a host of new features, including the long-awaited official debut of the Wayland display server. Replacing the legacy X11 system, Wayland has been under development for several years and seeks to provide a smoother, richer experience for graphical environments and better capabilities for modern graphics hardware. To further enhance ease-of-use, Fedora 25 also features GNOME 3.22, which is the default desktop on Fedora Workstation and offers multiple file renaming, a redesigned keyboard settings tool and additional user interface improvements.

BTW, with Fedora 25 and GNOME 3.22 seems impossible to work with icons on desktop. The behavior is that desktop is useful only for wallpaper. Changing the appropriate settings in dconf-editor not help. Using gnome-tweak-tool not help.

Fedora 25 - Desktop without icons

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Is the lost of desktop icons a feature or a bug?

So Fedora 25 with Gnome DE on Wayland not enable desktop icons, but is it a feature or a bug?

Nautilus rendering the desktop (and the desktop icons) is part of the classic session and there is no immediate plan to have the classic session on Wayland. It’s also filled on Bugzilla.

AFAIK, desktop icons on Fedora 25 are only supported on X11.

To enable desktop icons on Fedora 25, you just need to work on a X11 session. So to do that at login screen, click on the settings icon and select GNOME on Xorg.

Fedora 25 - Log to X11 session

Then you need to enable the proper option on gnome-tweak-tool: go on Desktop tab and switch to ON the icons on desktop setting.

Fedora 25 - Desktop icons enabled

After all, you’ll have all the icons you want on your desktop.

Useful links:

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That’s all. Enjoy it!

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