Deepfake and the future of media production

Deepfakes, the artificial intelligence-manipulated media that can make people appear to do or say things that they never did or said, is revolutionizing the aspect of media production.

Because of these capabilities, Deepfakes have been used to create fake celebrity pornographic videos, revenge porn, fake news, and malicious hoaxes. The name Deepfake was coined in 2017 as stated on Wikipedia.

At this time, Deepfake videos are getting terrifyingly real as you can see on Reddit or PornHub, so people are wondering about the implications and the future of this technology. On the press, you can find a lot of articles about it.

…Representative Adam Schiff, the committee chairman, talked of society being “on the cusp of a technological revolution” that will qualitatively transform how fake news is made. He spoke of “advances in AI” that will make it possible to compromise election campaigns. He made repeated mention of how better algorithms and data will make it extremely difficult to verify the veracity of images, videos, audio or text.

Deepfakes aren’t a tech problem. They’re a power problem – The Guardian

In the past, as new forms of information and disinformation have arisen, society has developed antibodies to deal with them: few people would be fooled by first world war propaganda now.

Maybe in 10 years’ time we’ll look back at this stuff and wonder how anyone took it seriously, but we’re not there now.

What do we do about deepfake video? – The Guardian

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