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The card, in the midst of this sea of ​​new solutions available, is by far the best available for cashback value and for services related to the crypto world. is a site dedicated to those who want to trade, deposit or invest in cryptocurrencies. The platform supports all the most well-known cryptocurrencies: from Bitcoin to Ethereum, passing through all the most common Altcoins and, moreover, it also has its own native cryptocurrency, which is the CRO token.

An app dedicated to those who want to trade, deposit or invest in cryptocurrencies. But also a card

The range of services offered to customers is very wide: you can choose whether to use cryptocurrencies for trading, to create an investment portfolio, or to use the account only as a wallet. Those who open an online account on can also request a Visa prepaid card to be used to pay in physical stores or to withdraw cash. From the end of 2020, cards are also available for the European and UK markets, with the possibility of top-up in EUR or GBP.

In fact, regardless of cryptocurrencies, it is possible to subscribe to a debit card which is in fact free and gives a cashback on everything you spend. Furthermore, the card is in fact a prepaid card, which uses the VISA circuit and being a VISA, it is accepted practically everywhere and can also be used to withdraw cash at counters all over the world.

The card stands out for its elegance and build quality, in fact, it is entirely made of metal and this means that its weight is greater than a normal card – but do not worry, nothing excessive – and, above all, it does yes. which is much more consistent than a normal paper. If they steal it from you or if you lose it, it is much easier for you to notice it right away.

Apply for a VISA card - It's easy
Apply for a VISA card – It’s easy

A card easy to top up, simple to use and born for crypto

The card can be requested through the application for Android and Apple smartphones, simply download the application from the store and follow the wizard for document recognition. From this point of view, we had some problems with the automatic recognition procedure and so we had to use the manual one: nothing could be simpler, you need to take front and back photos of your document, and a selfie of us holding the document. in plain sight. Et voila, that’s it and, in less than 24 hours, we were already up and running with our well-functioning app.

The Visa Card is a prepaid card. Broadly speaking, prepaid cards are the same as debit cards. The difference is that debit cards are linked to your bank account, but prepaid cards need to be topped up. In our case, you can top up using bank account transfers, other credit/debit cards, or cryptocurrency.

From your app you can then go to the – optional – request for the actual card. There are various levels and various cards available, each with different entry tiers and different bonuses as well as cashback values. Once the physical card is requested, it takes about a couple of weeks for it to be delivered to your home.

The first physical card is free, in case of an upgrade, loss, or if for some reason you want to receive another physical card, the cost is € 50 / $ 55. The same cost is to be incurred in the event that at the closure of the account you want to request the return of the liquidity still present on the card but personally, we do not see the meaning: in which case, it will be enough to use up the residual credit on the card and then ask for the closure of the bill.

Different types of cards, different colors, different benefits. Crypto all the way

The Visa can be recharged via any other account or card quickly and free of charge. It is also possible to top up the card through the app’s Crypto Wallet, i.e. by converting your crypto owned in the application and this operation takes place with a low spread compared to the normal conversion from crypto to euro/dollars. The card has also added additional rewards that are designed to fit the needs of consumers like Airport Lounge Access, interbank exchange rates, and no overseas fees on select cards. | The different types of cards | The different types of cards

The different types of cards available on

Midnight Blue – The Midnight Blue card is’s free option, meaning there is no staking requirement. It is the basic card, with no cost, and only one benefit: a cashback on purchases that earns 1% CRO rewards on card spending. This card is also made of plastic. Free ATM withdrawals are allowed up to €200 / $200 each month.

Ruby Steel – To get this card, the necessary staking of 350€/$400 is required. Benefits include a monthly 100% reimbursement for Spotify subscriptions and it earns 2% CRO rewards on card spending. This is the card in terms of benefits/price ratio, a must especially if you are already paying users of Spotify. Free ATM withdrawals are allowed up to €400 / $400 each month.

Royal Indigo and Jade Green – Staking requirements for these cards are 3500€ or $4,000. Royal Indigo and Jade Green earn 3% CRO rewards as cashback and they include a full refund on subscription services from Spotify and Netflix. A bonus perk is LoungeKey Airport Lounge Access. Free ATM withdrawals are allowed up to €800 / $800 each month.

Rose Gold and Icy White – The staking requirement for these cards is 35.000€ or $40,000, so it is definitely high. The benefits are 5% cashback, a full refund on Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, also access to LoungeKey Airport Lounge, and a 10% refund on Expedia purchases. Free ATM withdrawals are allowed up to €1000 / $1,000 each month.

Obsidian – This is the most premium card and requires a big staking requirement of €350.000 or $400,000. Obsidian’s benefits are 8% CRO rewards on cashback, full refund on subscription services from Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, access to LoungeKey Airport Lounge, and a 10% refund on purchases on Expedia and Airbnb. Free ATM withdrawals are allowed up to €1000 / $1,000 each month.

How to apply for a VISA card?

You need to stake CRO tokens for a period of 180 days to apply for a Visa Card. To do so, first sign up for a App account and complete our KYC verification. Next, purchase CRO tokens and deposit them into your Crypto Wallet in the App. If you buy CRO directly in the App, then no action is required. The amount of CRO depends on the card tier you’re applying for.

Finally, go to the ‘Card’ tab in the App, select your desired VISA card, tap the ‘Stake CRO’ button, and follow the on-screen instructions. And you’re done.

How to top-up my VISA card?

You can top up your card using your Fiat Wallet, Crypto Wallet, or credit/debit card in the App. So the card can be recharged through any other account or card quickly and free of charge, simply by transferring the money to the VISA card.

How does the cashback work?

Cashback works in a very simple way, the user returns a quantity of CRO tokens corresponding to the percentage value of the purchase, obviously, the variation of the percentage depends on the tier of your card. For example, if you have a Ruby Steel card and you spend €100 / $100 through it, you will immediately see a CRO amount equal to 2% of the purchase, i.e. 2€ or 2$, credited to your Crypto Wallet.

The CRO received as cashback can be held as CRO tokens, converted into another cryptocurrency, or converted into Euro/Dollars by sending it to the Fiat Wallet. Also, note that for Midnight Blue, cardholders will receive 1% and a CRO stake is not required.

How does the refund work?

Just use your VISA card to pay for the membership – like Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime -, and get reimbursed in CRO tokens afterward.

Please note that the reimbursement has a cap of monthly membership cost, so remember to choose the monthly payment option instead of the annual one.

How does the CRO staking work?

As seen above, a certain amount of CRO is required to get the card from Ruby Steel to above. These CROs are tied for 6 months, after which time they can be withdrawn. It is good to be aware that withdrawing CROs from the stake involves a decrease in cashback and the loss of the other benefits.

The stake on the Ruby Steel card has no actual return in interests beyond the benefits; while from Royal Indigo onwards it does. In fact, you receive 10% p.a. interest with the Royal Indigo and Jade Green cards, and an additional 2% p.a. interest on fixed-term deposits (paid in CRO) if you’re actively staking for Icy White, Frosted Rose Gold, or Obsidian cards.

25€ or 25$ as a subscription benefit from Ruby Steel and up

For new subscribers who request at least one Ruby Steel through a referral code, there is a welcome bonus of 25€ / 25$ for both the new subscriber and the person who sent the code. In case you decide to do it after reading this article review, here is the code and the link for signing up via referrals.

REFERRAL CODE: 6qbx5yy529


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