How to compile xmr-stak-nvidia (Monero mining) on Fedora

Monero is a secure, untraceable and resilient digital currency. Many people believe that it could be the successor to Bitcoin. So, why don’t we try to mining this crypto money on a Fedora system?


Monero is a decentralized opensource cryptocurrency
Monero is a decentralized opensource cryptocurrency

Monero is a fully free and opensource cryptocurrency

Monero is a secure, private, and untraceable cryptocurrency. It is opensource and accessible to all. With it, you are your own bank. Only you control and are responsible for your funds.

The most critical flaw in Bitcoin is its lack of privacy. Monero solves these privacy issues by automatically applying privacy techniques to every single transaction made. You can have confidence that it is not possible to own ‘tainted’ Monero. To read more, take a look here.

If you need a ‘get started’ tutorial or to understand how to create your personal wallet, you can go on the official website at I assume that you need only to know how to mining fast Monero coins on your Linux Fedora system.


xmr-stak is a suite for fast Monero mining on Windows and Linux systems

If you need to know which program is better for you, you can search over Internet or use the reddit MoneroMining, where you can find all the info that you need. My choice is the xmr-stak suite. xmr-stak is a suite of programs (spec. to CPU or AMD/Nvidia GPU) for pool mining. Pool means that the program doesn’t mine directly, it calculates hashes through CPU or GPU and send its to a central pool, where happens the real mining process.

While xmr-stak-cpu and xmr-stak-amd are really easy to compile, xmr-stak-nvidia is a creepy. Due to drivers, CUDA, C compilers and a mix of all that things, compile it (for me) was a nightmare on Fedora 26. So, let see the magical combination that let’s the magic happens.

Clone the latest release of xmr-stak-nvidia from the official repository.

Nvidia driver, CUDA tools and libraries from Negativo17 repository. Take a look CUDA is version 8.

sudo dnf install compat-gcc-53

sudo dnf install compat-gcc-53-c++

export CC=/usr/bin/gcc53

export CXX=/usr/bin/g++53

cd xmr-stak-nvidia #move to where your downloaded or cloned folder is

cmake .

make install

Now, have fun. If you would like to give me a tip in Monero, you can at this wallet address:



  1. There is also ccminer in the same repository that can be used for the same purpose.
    Trying xmr-stak-nvidia now 🙂

    1. I compiled xmr-stak-amd only on Windows and Ubuntu systems, because my Fedora machine has Nvidia GPU. I think you can try to use (adapting) the AMDGPU-Pro Driver Version 17.40 for RHEL 7.3 / CentOS 7.3.

      1. Tried – no luck 🙁 Probabaly will get a try of opensuse/gecko, I have some issues with ubuntu may be it’s just personal..

  2. which package from negativo should I really need to install?
    There’s a fuckton of it and you didn’t even mention one thing about that.

    1. “…Nvidia driver, CUDA tools and libraries from Negativo17 repository. Take a look CUDA is version 8.”

      ‘Negativo17 repository’ is a link. Click on it.

      1. so, for nVidia driver, tools and library you have to install :



        nvidia-healthmon (x86_64)
        nvidia-validation-suite (x86_64)



        Look. It might sounds silly and all, but just how hard it is to just add another line in your command list just for the bare minimum nVidia package needed juts to compile xmr-stak-nVidia?

        1. I’m sorry but not all the systems are the same. Depending on your hardware, software and operating system, you should follow the instructions in the provided link and install the packages you need.

          For your luck, fireice-uk released a Linux binary of the new version of xmr-stak. It’s an all in one package with nvidia part included and you don’t need to compile it. Just run it, very simple. You can find it at this address:

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