Bitwala. The Crypto Banking for everyone

Bitwala is a unique Crypto Banking for everyone, a service that bridges the gap between legacy finance and cryptocurrencies. Bitwala is a platform that offers both bankings and crypto wallets, but also trading services and even has its own debit card that can be used for spending money and crypto daily.

In July 2019, Bitwala raised a grand total of 13 million Euros from series A funding. As a growing team exceeding 80, the Bitwala team are hard at work launching more exciting features and partnerships to the roadmap, as well as continuing the mission of fully integrating cryptocurrencies with the financial world and international expansion on the horizon.

Bitwala. Today & The future

We’ve built the world’s first account, which offers our customers a regular bank account, crypto wallets and trading, all in one platform.

Bitwala Team

Bitwala offers a fully serviced bank account to do your day-to-day banking in-app or on your desktop. Easily make recurring payments, fast transfers, and more from a German bank account. We don’t charge any fees, even when withdrawing cash.

With a modern contactless Mastercard debit card, you pay effortlessly. Including free cash withdrawals in Euro, worldwide. Sell your crypto and have the balance on your bank account within minutes. Take it easy, with a Bitwala account.

Bitwala. A modern bank with Crypto at heart

Bitwala. Put your bitcoin to work
Bitwala. Put your bitcoin to work

Bitwala integrated wallets feature provides frictionless access to the crypto market. Seamlessly send and receive bitcoin or ether. With Bitwala, you own your coins as our wallets are non-custodial and secured with private keys.

Your bank account is run by solarisBank and Euro funds of up to €100,000 are protected by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS). As a fully licensed bank, your security and privacy are protected.

Bitwala offers high trading limits at a low cost. You can trade up to €30,000 per week with only a 1% fee. Plus, the in-app trading charts give you real-time market insights so you can trade confidently. Your coins are stored in a non-custodial wallet that only you can access. You can send bitcoin and ether anywhere within minutes. No banks needed, all via the blockchain and with the highest security standards.

Also, Bitwala offers an Interest Account, so generating a passive income is automatic; every Monday, you’ll receive interest payments on your bitcoin investment. There’s no minimum investment period to start reaping your rewards and making withdrawals or deposits.

What are you waiting for? Start investing and earning cryptocurrencies today, with Bitwala.

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