Best practices to keep Monero wallet secure

In a world full of thieves, protecting your crypto wallet against the threats requires a lot handful of security steps. Preventing security vulnerabilities and providing the essential know-how to keep your wallet secure and safe, should be a daily practice.

How to securely store your mined or purchased Monero coins


Looking at the official documentation at, to keep your Moneroj safe first you need to download and create a Paper Wallet on a secure and air-gapped computer.

Download the paper wallet generator at: and copy it to a USB stick (Direct link:


Unzip and open the paper wallet generator (monero-wallet-generator.html) into a web browser on an air-gapped computer that hasn’t been used before, or has had a clean installation of the OS.

Another interesting resources to have a secure Cold Wallet are founded at Monero.Stackexchange or on Monero Reddit. An extensive guide for securely generating a Monero offline cold paper wallet is here and here.

Best practices can be found on What are the best practices to move coins out of cold storage? and on Best practices to keep Monero wallet secure.

A step by step paranoid guide for keeping your wallet safe & secure:

  • create a steel “wallet” containing your seed
  • also a computer with read-only wallet holds your private view key making it possible for hackers to see the amounts you’re sending and receiving, so pay attention to it
  • keep the full wallet on a USB key as cold storage
  • encrypt the USB key and make multiple backups
  • be sure your node (even if it’s downloading the blockchain only) is connected through Tor via torsocks
  • creating your wallet, make sure to use a computer which will never be connected to any networks
  • split your balance across multiple wallets, so even if you lose access to one, you have still access to other funds

Reccomended encryption  tools:



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