Atari VCS. Could it be a perfect Linux console?

The Atari VCS is one of the most awaited retrogaming operations, a perfect nostalgia dream for video gaming and retro technology enthusiasts. With a design taken directly from the original Atari console and powered with the latest top components, Ryzen primarily, the new VCS could be really an interesting device.

A more powerful and more efficient architecture with an all-new microprocessor built by AMD, new controllers tested for functionality and reliability, and an innovative operating system built on top of a Linux distribution and fully compatible with the Unity and the Godot game engines.

Atari VCS 2600 classic gaming
Atari VCS 2600 classic gaming

A new line-up of gaming launch with several new studios and indie developers, a talented community of backers and Atari lovers: all it should be promising.

Right now, the product is progressing according to the updated schedule of March 2020. Our team is committed to bringing a successful product to market that we can be proud of, and that our customers will treasure for many years to come. Atari will always prioritize delivering a high-quality product over a self-imposed deadline. That was true at the project’s start, it was true in March 2019, and it is true today.

Atari VCS Q&A with COO Michael Arzt | Medium

The Atari VCS is a flexible system designed for multi-peripheral input, including the retro classic Joystick controller, modern joypad, mouse and keyboard. With a brand new AMD Ryzen R1000 SoC, the console has fully 4K 60fps HDR gaming and also content from new streaming services. It can be able to support any compatible game streaming platform, like Stadia and others still to come.

Plus, the VCS will be open and flexible, and we bet that we will be able to install on it a Linux distribution of choice and do what we want with it. And we’re already looking forward to that moment.


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