An easy way to download video from Reddit

Very often it happens to me to find pieces or full videos on Reddit that I would like to redirect to someone directly, I mean to share the content and not to share the link to the post. But it is not possible in a simple way, or at least I did not succeed at it until today.

Web inspector console and FFmpeg can help us on Reddit

First, find a post with a video that you like. Second, open it with Firefox or Chrome or any other browser with built-in development tools. Third, follow the following steps.

I assume you’re using Firefox (but it’s ok also with other browsers), so open the page with the video you like in Firefox. For example, I’m using this amazing owls video:

A step by step video with the magic owls from Reddit

Open options in the browser and go to Web Developer > Inspector or use CTRL + SHIFT + C combination or (faster) use the right click on the video and select Inspect Element (Q). You can also use the Web Developer > Page Source or the CTRL + U.  

Now, in both ways, find the following strings, manually or with CTRL + F:

<source src="

You get  something like this:

<source src="" type="application/"/>

Open a terminal window and use what we have found, so digit:

$ ffmpeg -i "" reddit-owls.mp4

And you get the Reddit video in .mp4 format, but you can also use different video formats, like for example the wide-spreading web video format .webm.

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