All the world is talking about Haiku Beta

What moved Linus Torvalds to write a Unix-like kernel (taking a big head wash from Tanenbaum) at the time? The market in those times was, perhaps more than ever, a world full of successful operating systems and, probably, there was no space for another one.

Certainly no one would have been imagined that Linux would become a power as it is today.
In the same way and with the same philosophy, how would it be to resurrect BeOS?

Haiku Beta is finally here after several long years of waiting
Haiku Beta is finally here after several long years of waiting

Haiku Beta. One big step for this little OS, but one leap for free software

Haiku is a free and open-source operating system compatible with the now discontinued BeOS. Its development began in 2001 and, after several years, the first beta version is released. One thing that can’t be stated enough is thanks to the Haiku team for all the work done to the system the user won’t see, but will certainly feel. One thing the Beta did is it added EFI to an official release for the first time.

In addition to adding EFI (much needed in this era), improvements to the debugger, serial tools, and other deep system-level changes, like updated drivers, a new thread scheduler, and several security features (covered in Haiku’s release notes) also very worthy of pointing out, and all of these are definitely a notable addition to the system.

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