Hi! I’m Luca Ciavatta and I’m so happy that you come here. I have an environmental science degree and I’m also a certified IT technician, but I did a lot of strenuous and non-technical works just to bring home some money. Here you can find my resume for more detailed info.

Time ago, I discovered the incredible world of Linux and I’m so happy to share all my experience about it. Android, Fedora, Ubuntu, GitHub, GNU and OpenSource have become everyday words in my vocabulary.

Apart from above, I’m also a passionate gamer. So, take a look at my gaming page too and add me to your friends. 🙂

This is the base of my new blog. You can find many rants, little tech and a lot of experiments. You can also find the source code of my little works at: github.com/cialu.


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Feel free to contact me or to offer me a beer! 😉

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