Started some years ago as a personal blog, today CIALU.NET has become a publication followed by geeks, nerds, and passionate people from all over the world.

From the incredible world of Linux, this website expanded its area of interest to all the related things about the circle of the free software. Android, Fedora, Ubuntu, GitHub, GNU, and OpenSource have become everyday words in the website vocabulary.

Apart from the above, all that push up creativity such as content (audio, photography, and video) creation, data manipulation, gaming, and everything you think about, become part of this journey. We are also moving into business and marketing topics due to following our readers’ requests.

Many rants, a little code, a lot of tech, and many experiments. Here we are and we are pleased to have you as our audience, contributor, friend.

Feel free to contact us or to offer us a beer! 😉

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