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Learning Android programming by doing

Some time ago, I started to learn Android programming. First you need to understand Java and OOP (Object Oriented Programming), second is better to follow some course (read later) about that and third you must do a lot and more exercises.

Best way to do exercises in programming, in my opinion, is to do what you like. In my case, I like a lot aphorisms and quotes of famous people, so I did it. I made an app that show you everyday a new quote. I called it ‘Quote Academy‘ because in that period I was following another course (was python if I remember well) at Codecademy.

How to learn - Codecademy

Useful links:

JavaOOPCodecademyCourseraFuture LearnYoutube

A world of inspirational quotations in a minimal application

I made an extensive archive of thousands of quotations and aphorisms available both in English, Italian and Spanish. Quote Academy is the quickest way to find and share motivational phrases, philosophical thoughts and famous aphorisms.

The application was developed by a minimalist style, perfect to leave the attention on the content, there are no frills, but only good quotes and interesting aphorisms. Choose your perfect quote and save it in favorites, or share it via messaging, by email or through social networks.

You can also add your own quotes and aphorisms, and also share them with an easy touch.

How to Inspire - Quote Academy

A part from the Android platform, you can find the inspiration of Quote Academy on the web, by website and socialmedia. But I think the best way is to use the Android app, which is free, clean and minimal.

Quote Academy – WebSite

Quote Academy – Play Store

In the next weeks, I’ll put all the code on my GitHub so you can understand how I did that.

That’s all. Enjoy it!

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